Sunday, October 23, 2011

The True Strength of Batwoman

After finishing the end of Batwoman and learning how Alice commits suicide, I could totally sympathize for what Kate was feeling. Coming from a big family with a sister very close to my age, we would always tell people we were twins because they would always ask us anyway. We looked so similar and did almost everything together. My mom would dress us alike even. A bond like that is very difficult to forget or ignore. Because of this, imagining that anything would happen to her is very distressing. But then learning that she went evil, tried to kill me, then killed herself and that I had a part in it would be almost unbearable. I think adding that dimension to Kate is what really makes her s0 strong. Yes she is strong physically, as you can tell by the way she beats up the bad guys and keeps fighting though being stabbed in the heart. And yes she is strong in her beliefs of who she is, as you can tell by the way she won't pretend to be gay to continue to be in the army. But to be strong with that much emotional pain is what really stands out to me. She doesn't pretend that it doesn't affect her, but she also doesn't break down because of it. She keeps on fighting and it is that that truly makes her a super hero.


  1. This is a great point. Batwoman is one of my favorite characters we've read about so far. In addition to being relatable, she is multi-dimensional, and display strength in so many ways.

    I really like what you said about relating Kate and Alice to you and your sister. I hadn't thought about it in relation to my sister (who is also close to my age), and thinking about it now, I respect Batwoman just that much more.

  2. This also makes Batwoman more relatable compared to Batman and Superman because they almost have no one. Bruce has Alfred. He's the only person he can call family and Superman has no one really. So, it's good to see a character dealing with emotional family issues.

  3. I really liked Batwoman Elegy because Alice transcended the stereotypical comic book villain - aside from being Batwoman's twin sister. That part resembled a telenovela almost, but to a much less cornier stand point. I think this comic book resembles a psychological thriller. The evil, twisted twin sister tries to kill the heroine. The background about the sisters makes the thriller even more captivating. I really liked how this comic book played surpassed random villain.


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