Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spotted - Superman and WW Hookin' Up

Amidst the golden foliage, two lovers lock in a passionate embrace, dwelling in their ardent love for one another. Wonder Woman's eyes are closed as she puts her arm around Superman's broad neck, lustfully gripping the back of his head. With a fervid expression, Superman inches closer and closer to Wonder Woman's face, clenching her arm and pulling her closer to his body by her waist. Their lips are inches away from one another, and as they get closer they....

According to (evidently a reliable source solely judging by its name,) Superman and Wonder Woman are supposedly getting together. Do you understand what this means?! We have found our hottest couple of 2011! This is like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley getting together back in the day. It's like finding Madonna in Michael Jackson's bed and realizing the queen and king of pop have hooked up (although much more sexually appealing.) It is the next best thing after William and Kate!

Wonder Woman and Superman are the quintessential superheroes. They are what every super hero aspires to be, what everyone who is anyone thinks of when thinking of comics. The comic book universe as we know it has influenced everyone to believe that Lois Lane and Superman were destined for each other. On the other side of the spectrum, Wonderwoman had no such counterpart, initially pining over Captain Trevor in the original run but then riding solo in
the Circle, dominating evil without a clearly expressed love interest. Can you imagine these two powerful forces joining as one? The news of their possible hook-up has turned the world of comics upside down.

All the
People magazine raving aside, I can't help but ask myself if such a relationship will work.
Will it tie the two superheroes down? For the relationship to function normally it has to, for wouldn't two incredibly strong and influential figures clash if they were to remain as they are when together? In order for the two to work, they'd both have to mellow down a little bit, allocating some of their "saving-the-world time" and dedicating it to one another. I can only imagine what a fight between the two would look like. Not only would golden lassos be whipped but also wars would be waged, and fans would lose sleep. How could one ever choose a side?
Looking through a gender and sexual focused lens, do you think filling the role as Superman's girlfriend influence Wonder Woman to start filling female stereotypes? Would a relationship distract Wonder Woman from saving the world or would it benefit her as a character, for it would make her less removed from readers and consequently more relatable?

Whether their hook-up will occur or not, we all have to painstakingly wait until the issues come out, and the plot reveals itself. My giddy excitement at the prospect of the two being together is overwhelming; however, I can also see how such a relationship will bring about problems. Regardless of what happens, this hypothetical couple would definitely be a force to reckon with.

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  1. I think that it's interesting to think that two strong and influential figures can't remain as strong and influential when they are together. I think this is incorrect. I think that a relationship between the two can make each other even greater, instead of forcing them to dim down their greatness. To stick with the People magazine theme, think of Jay Z and Beyonce. Two of the most talented and most popular musicians of our time. Being together hasn't hurt either of them or made them any less impressive.


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