Sunday, October 23, 2011

Issues with Nikita

Although I liked the movie over all, I had a difficult time connecting to Nikita's character. I couldn't seem to get a grasp on her or really understand her. I couldn't tell if she knew if the government agency she was working for was bad or not, or how she felt about the people she worked with, or how much she knew about her role in the over all mission of her division. Because of this, I also couldn't understand some of her reactions to things. For example, when she was crying as she stop the woman from her bathroom window in Venice. Was that because she didn't want to murder? Or because of what her boyfriend was saying from the door? Or because of some other reason all together?

Another issue I had was the ending. Because it is a movie, I wanted Nikita to finally stand up to the government agency or do something heroic. When she just ran away, although it probably was the most logical and safe choice for those around her, I felt a little let down- unsatisfied. Maybe this feeling stemmed from the fact that I have seen a few episodes of the new Nikita on the CW where she is trying to take down the agency. Either way, I felt like the ending was lacking a bit of pow!

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  1. I completely agree! I enjoyed the movie and thought it was interesting, but I really could not grasp Nikita's character. I also couldn't tell if she was more upset about being "dead," or about having to work for a government agency. However, thinking about it, this could also be the cultural/language barrier. If this movie were remade with an American actress, would we feel the same way?


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