Saturday, October 22, 2011

Forget Popularity

I found this website listing the top ten women comic characters, and why they make the list.
I was rather surprised to find that I didn't recognize the first few names on the list, and further surprised that I only recognized two or three of the names on the entire list. However, that was only at first glance. Granted, this is only one person's assertion of who the top ten women comic book characters are, what I realized after reading the reasoning behind them, is that popularity does not make someone the best. The "Geek Girls Network" had interesting and valid reasoning for why they valued these characters. Some qualities that listed were personality, independence, and power. I'm sure this list would vary site to site, depending on who the readers and writers are, however this is clearly coming from a female source, so I found it interested to see who public women supported and why.


  1. The only characters I recognized off this list were Catwoman and Jean Grey. It's strange that on a list of the top 10 women comic characters, I only recognize two names since comic book heroes are supposed to be role models to look up to. This is just another reflection on how female superheroes are less well known because they're females.

  2. I agree with both of you. I was so surprised when i barely recognized any names! I began looking some of them up, to see what they were like and if they really were as impressive as the site said. The one I found the most interesting was the character Death- because she was basically the opposite of all stereotypes people have of death. I think this is another example of how breaking stereotypes can be beneficial.

  3. Many of the female characters are less known because they are not as powerful or as cool as male superheroes just because of their gender, since many of the heroines of the list I had never heard or seen them before.


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