Saturday, October 15, 2011

Superheroines and Hollywood

I was looking into information about superheroine movies, and I came across the article "The Time is Right for the (Right) Female Superhero." In the article, the author discusses how the reason female superhero movies in the past haven't been successful was because they were bad movies, not because the lead was a female superhero. I think that makes sense. People aren't going to be opposed to a movie just because the lead is a woman, but if they hear the movie is horrible, they are not going to go see it. When this article was written in 2010, 24 superhero movies had been in theaters in the last five years. I don't understand why Hollywood is so against the idea of putting female superhero movies in theaters. All they need to do is find a strong actress, a good scriptwriter, and a good director, and that would fix the problems they have had with past superheroine movies.


  1. Wasn't Halle Berry's Catwoman a success back in 2004? And I'm sure there are others too but I don't follow very closely.

  2. Actually Halle Berry's Catwoman was a flop it did not fare as well as it was expected. And I agree with this post most of the movies that have female leads generally do not fare as well for example Sucker Punch.


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