Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Check-In

Whatup y'all.

I was talking with someone about English classes at Cornell, and we realized that English classes are some of the only ones that foster actual friendships between classmates. Even if I'm way off bass and you've never considered me a friend: I still miss you, asshole. Anywho, I'm bored on a Sunday night and thought I'd share some stuff I've been doing with you guys. In case you guys didn't know from my gaudy laptop cover, I'm a DJ and music producer (or, rather, I'm a student with an inflated ego that DJs and produces music.) I thought I'd share some songs I've made in the past month since school ended, and since the first one features threatening borderline rape-y lyrics, I thought this blog is the perfect place to post them! Anyway, take a listen to my tunes, download 'em from the Soundcloud page, and share them mercilessly with your friends who like similar music!

See ya'll in the Fall,