Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween and its Lack of Female Superheroine Costumes

When I went home for fall break, I visited my cousin who was really excited to show me her halloween costume. Her mom said, "Of course she wanted to be a ninja and not a princess" like that was a bad thing. Girls are being taught from young ages to dress up like princesses or similar girly things instead of dressing up like superheroines. I looked up girls costumes online and kept finding similar costumes. For example, on the first page of this website there are 32 costumes, and only two of them are female superheroines. There are a large amount of different princess costumes, a bunch of witch costumes, and an assortment of other costumes, but only two female superheroine costumes. We want girls to be strong, but on halloween, most of the options available involve them dressing up as princesses. While I was more of the princess type myself for Halloween, it's upsetting that there aren't more options for girls who don't want to be princesses but want to be someone with super powers who saves the world. Isn't that what super heroes are supposed to be? Role models for young children to look up to? Then why are there so few female superheroine costumes for children?

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  1. Even though it would indeed be fun to see more superheroine costumes available, there are definitely some issues to consider. A lot of popular superheroines have outfits that are either skin-tight or expose a lot of skin, and either of the two would be inappropriate for children. Also, most young girls nowadays probably have much more of a connection to Disney princesses than Wonder Woman or Batwoman, and thus would rather become a "magical fairy princess" than an Amazon warrior. Then there's the whole business aspect: if Halloween costume companies see certain types of costumes selling well, they'll definitely come up with more of those types of outfits to sell in order to gain more profit.


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