Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sally Jupiter of Watchmen

Sally Jupiter of Watchmen is definitely a sexualized female character. She is so sexualized to the point where her clothing and attitude is provocative, which triggers her fellow crimefighter, The Comedian, try to rape her thinking that she wants it too but she is just playing not to. She is a different woman though. She doesn't make a big deal out of this. She is able to go on as if nothing happens. We later also find out that The Comedian is the father of Sally's daughter which makes it more interesting, because it means that there is another time where Sally willingly has sex with The Comedian.
Sally is considered to be a "whore" by Rorsach, who I think is a very good depiction of a vigilante because he is so dark, pesimistic, serious and very conservative in his ideas. I don't know whether "whore" is the correct word to describe her actions but she is definitely a woman who like seeing that others are turned on by her actions. You can get a sense of this even in the attempt at rape scene. Another example is when she finds out there there are porn magazines of herself. Now, as an older woman, who finds out people turned her into a porn star she feels honored.
For those of you, who either watcehd or read the book, what I would like to know what you think about Sally.

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