Saturday, October 15, 2011

La Femme Nikita

Like many other German (Except for Fatih Akin movies because he is the BEST!) and French movies I watched La Femme Nikita was slow pace. Even though it is an action movie I find that not everything moves very quickly in the movie.
As I was watching the movie I always had this expectation that there is something big which the viewer does not get to understand. As I kept on watching I was trying to pay attention to details to be able catch what the missing part was. I did try very hard but was unsuccessful. So, I thought that in the end of the movie I would understand what that was; however it never happened. Nikita simply ran away from a life as an assasin, which I don't understand was given to her in the first place because it never required anything extremely special. All her tasks were about 5-10 minutes and she never did anything outstanding that would require the French government to make her go through years of very tough training. The only thing she did do that needs background was maybe to put together all of the pieces of the gun in the hotel room.
The movie in general was enjoying to watch and Nikita is definitely a tough female character, who in the movie is reflected as "uncontrolled power" similar to the bad side of Jean Gray, The Dark Phoenix, but I never really understood the purpose of the organization and the things that they made her do. So I understood what she was doing but not why and this just leaves me with a big question mark in my head.
I might be missing something and if I am please let me know.

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  1. I can relate. I got more and more confused (about her past, her purpose, her character, etc.) as the movie went on, and even though I really hoped for something big to be revealed or explained by the end of the movie, the ending left me with an even bigger "huh??" The whole time while watching the movie I could tell that Nikita was SUPPOSED to be seen as this really kickass female, but I felt like there were just too many scenes that left me questioning her role as a femme fatale.


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