Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Adventures of Alice in Gotham City

After the comments I read I understand that many people think that Batwoman is a more original female heroine character compared to the others we have read about. I do agree with this. I also think that the villain in the story is very original as well, even though it is a reference to an already written book but there is something strange about her as well.
Alice, in the story, comes as the new leader of the religion of crime but she isn't exactly leading the villains as Mystique was trying to lead the, ironicly named, "Brotherhood" of Evil Mutants. Not only does she not lead but she also, in my opinion, hurts the team. Even the people around her who are supposed to follow her lead are often surprised by her decisions and actions.
She actually reminds me of the Adolf Hitler character in the movie "Der Untergang" (Downfall). She keeps making these decisions which are not understood by even the closest people around her. The same goes for Hitler in the movie, and in the movie after a certain point people secretly stop obeying his orders and this makes him even more furious.
Although it is a political issue I would rather not go into, probably many people would consider Hitler insane. As I read Batoman Elegy I was able to sense the same type of insanity in Alice. I also don't find it shocking that they both commit suicide.


  1. I think it is also important to point out that such insanity was developed over time and was caused by a significant event. As we have found out in Batwoman, for Alice it was primarily the traumatic event of the kidnapping, but for Hitler it was a combination of the death of his mother and the rejection of his art, amongst other things. No one really knows the exact cause of the individuals' insanity, but I think it is always important to ask why one is the way one is - such questions help one better understand the characters and their motives.

  2. It's very interesting that you would make the connection between Alice and Hitler, because I wouldn't immediately go there. But you're right, the do have a lot in common. More than just the insanity, they both have a group of loyal follower who do anything they tell them and they both have a goal to exterminate a population. Maybe it's power that makes people go insane.

  3. I agree with Alexon. Sometimes insanity is created by an event, other times it is inside of us from birth. In Alice's case, it seems as though an event happened where she became insane and that event has affected her ever since. I think that this is a very interesting comparison and I would like to watch the movie to personally compare them to each other and how their characters develop over the plot.


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