Monday, December 5, 2011

Xena: The Other Slayer

Before even Buffy was created, there was Xena: Warrior Princess. In many ways this show was a precursor to Buffy, with many similar themes (although they were running at the same time for quite a while). This show features Xena, a warrior woman just as strong as Buffy. She was once a ruthless killer, but changed her ways and now spends her life trying to help others to redeem herself, on a quest for the "greater good."
Although there are not the same monsters, demons or vampires in Xena, she does have to fight other strange creatures (mostly from Greek mythology) such as centaurs and even gods (similar to Buffy's fighting Glory) to protect the world. Xena does not have a "Scooby gang" like Buffy does, but she does have her two best friends to help her: Gabrielle, a bard, and Joxer, the ridiculous comic relief character.

Xena even had a lesbian subtext before Buffy did. Although much more ambiguous than Willow and Tara, Xena and Gabrielle seem to have more-than-friendly affections for each other. They even kissed a few times. The creators of the show purposefully made it unclear whether or not they were really in a relationship, but there was definitely something there.

We think of Buffy as THE groundbreaking feminist show of the '90s, but clearly it was not the only one. Xena was a great feminist role model as well - possibly even a role model to Buffy herself.


  1. We used to watch Xena in my english class in 9th grade. She's such a great character. Xena is also great because it takes place in Ancient Greece, so it's very interesting to watch. When I first saw Xena, I thought she was a combination of Buffy and Wonder Woman (she's an amazon!).

  2. I agree with Samantha, Xena is a reflection of Wonder Woman (in my opinion). She's strong, beautiful, and self assured. I would love to be Xena any day (although I know that's nearly impossible). Xena may not be relatable exactly but she represents what many women want to be - badass. I completely agree that Buffy was not necessarily "THE" groundbreaking show of the 90s BUT because Xena wasn't about a high school teenager saving the world I feel like it didn't gain as much attention as Buffy.

  3. I agree Xena was a ground breaking feminist warrior before Buffy, but one thing about Xena was that as well as Wonder Woman they make her seem like a man. Which makes it seem that women that look like men are the only ones able of kicking ass.


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