Monday, December 5, 2011

Alice ( Batwoman) and Baby doll ( Sucker Punch)

Alice was a character introduced in the Batwoman: Elegy story arc. Alice was Bat woman's long lost twin sister, whom Kate Kane ( Batwoman) thought to have been brutally murdered when she was just a child. Alice is a very interesting villain in the comic because she dresses up like a child with Victorian influences. She also has a distraught way of speaking; she uses the pitch of a small girl whenever she is threatening to kill someone. The manner in which the character dresses up like an infant is common for both Alice and Baby doll, a character from the film Sucker Punch.

Babydoll and Alice both dress up like oversexualized schoolgirls, which turns out to be an odd combination that has lead to huge controversy because it is still a topic of taboo in society. The outfits that they wear come to represent their different psychological traumas. In Alice's case she is stuck with a child's mentality because of her traumatic experiences as a child ( Alice's mother was murdered right in front of her and she was ripped away from both her father and her twin sister, Katy). Baby doll is over sexualized because she lives in an institution were the madame and the men take advantage of them sexually, so Baby doll tends to retract to her imaginary world in order to escape her reality. 

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