Monday, December 5, 2011

Buffyverse vs. Twiverse?

We've talked about it a lot.

But I'm going to talk about it again... Twilight.  I know.  But hear me out.

People compare Buffy and Twilight a lot because they both involve vampires (and subsequently falling in love with those vampires).  But today I'm going to talk to you about the major differences between Buffy and Twilight.

  1. Joss Whedon creates an entire world, the Buffyverse if you will, for the Scoobies to live in.  In this world, there's demons, vampires, magic, and more.  The amount of detail that went into this world is astounding.  As for Twilight, Stephanie Meyer (the author) plopped a family of vampires right in the middle of our world.  Nothing is unusual, except the vampires, which makes the story awkward and hard to believe.  Additionally, the lack of detail and care into the "Twiverse" shows that the love story is really the most important thing here.  Whereas in Buffy, the world and the detail matter just as much as any storyline does.
  2. Buffy is about the supernatural, fighting vampires and demons, and saving the world.  While doing this, the characters learn about themselves, each other, and even form relationships.  The bonds between the characters are complex and interesting.  Twilight is about a love story.  Twilight is about a girl who falls head over heels for a vampire and everything else revolves around that.  See the problem here?
  3. The main characters of both series fall in love with vampires.  The main difference: Buffy doesn't let her infatuation cloud her judgement.  In fact, she even fights the vampire she loves in order to save the rest of the world.  Bella is well aware that Edward is dangerous to her and others and stays with him anyway.  Bella does extremely dangerous things just so Edward will come back to her after leaving her.  Unlike Buffy, Bella puts her love for her vampire first, above her other friends, family, and her safety.
  4. Another difference: Buffy would never willingly become a vampire.  Buffy is happy being who she is (for the most part).  While she falls in love with two different vampires, she always continues her work as the slayer.  Bella Swan, however, spends most of her time asking to be turned into a vampire, damned to live forever.  All she wants is Edward, and she would risk her mortality and soul to be able to spend the rest of her existence with him.

The bottom line?  The purpose of Twilight is to tell a silly love story with no deeper meanings or connections.  Buffy forces the viewer to think, feel, and evaluate their lives as well as the show they are watching.  It is thought-provoking, interesting, and inspiring.  Watch Buffy instead.

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  1. I totally agree Buffy was an intricate new world created by Joss Whedon where different characters evolved and became characters loved or hated by many and had a purpose other than spicing up the love story with a love triangle like Twilight. Ultimately both worlds are very different although they revolve around similar topics.


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