Monday, December 5, 2011

Successful Women, Dysfunctional Families?

Women who are the perfect Susie Homemakers are traditionally seen as having the perfect family with the perfect husband and the perfect kids. This was the traditional view that society in general had of a perfect household, but as the women's rights movement gained momentum, the traditional family dynamics changed as well as the women who were in charge of their families. No longer the Susie Homemakers , woman began to take up different roles in society.

kirchner.jpgFemales began to work and did not need a man to provide for them, so this started the trend of women getting married later in life, and in turn delaying their child bearing stages. One of the greatest cliches that exists is the one that a woman who is successful career wise is not capable of having a successful relationship with her partner and her children because she is not a stay at home mom taking care of everything in the household. Men, on the other hand, are capable of balancing a successful career and family life. So then the conclusion that many people have arrived at is that successful women have dysfunctional families, which is a strained relationship between a parent and offspring. The truth is quite the contrary though because women are able to have the best of both worlds, for example the current president of Argentina Cristina Fernandez was married to her husband for more than thirty years until he suffered a devastating heart attack and she also has two children. So is the notion really true?

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  1. I mean not really. It really depends on the person and their circumstance. I have met my fair share of women who are so successful yet they're single and nearly reaching their 40s but at the same time some of my friends' moms are older and very successful. It truly depends


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