Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Buffy Episode: The Harvest


"The Harvest" was the second episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that we had to watch for class. It marks the beginning of a long friendship among the members of the "Scooby" gang, and it is their first adventure together. In this episode Buffy continues her confrontation with Luke  in the mausoleum, but as he is about to finish her off she repels him with a silver cross that was given to her by a mysterious stranger, whom later on is revealed to be Angel, the vampire with a soul.

As the episode progresses it is revealed that "The Master" has devised a scheme in order to be liberated from his lair, so that he can take over the world with his minions. Luke was supposed to be the vessel for his master and feed from as many humans as possible so that "The Master" has enough strength to break his confinement. Meanwhile in the final stages of the ritual in the Bronze, which is the club were all the high school kids hang out, Buffy shows up and she confronts Luke once more and dazzles him with artificial light. She then proceeds to systematically pierce his heart. The other vampires in the club see that they are leaderless, so they decide to flee as fast as they can. At the end of the episode Xander says one of his most recognizable quotes " Nothing will ever be the same."

Ironically as Xander has said everything has changed for the group and the town, but they refuse to believe the truth so they act as if nothing has happened the next day in school. Xander and Willow are introduced into the mystical world of Buffy for the first time and the rest of the story is history. 


  1. I love this episode. Because while the "regular" people in the Buffyverse are being introduced to this world, so are we. It's also so interesting to watch the beginning after knowing what happens, how strong they all become, and the hardships they end up facing.

  2. This was one of my favorite episodes because their group dynamics were first introduced and their friendship started to grow from this episode on.


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