Monday, December 5, 2011

Taking Over

Comics that have existed for generations before ours are constantly being transformed into mainstream movies left and right. With Spider-Man and Batman being two of the more popular ones, the list is massive. Such a list of superheroes and heroines that have transitioned from comic book to movie that is provided below. Mind you, I kept only the titles that were readily available in my memory upon reading the list (off of this website:

Fantastic Four
Green Lantern
Iron Man
The Punisher
Sin City
V for Vendetta

This list's only basis was the author's memory, but even then I still think it's important to note that only two woman made this list. It makes sense seeing that, as we often discuss, not many comics with woman leads are popular or yet alone exist. However, I don't understand why Hollywood wouldn't invest in changing this. It doesn't make sense to me artistically or economically, and here are my two reasons why:
1. There have already been so many remakes of Batman, Spiderman, and their gang. We get it, they're cool. This being said, there are so many more interesting story plots that exist. I say this not only because I'd like to see more women on the big screen, but also because I'm tired of the same thing!
2. As opposed to releasing new movies with male leads, why not appeal to a large audience base: younger girls. With movies such as Twilight raking in the big bills, why not make use of that group of consumers and release a movie about a superheroine? Wouldn't that make economic sense? Moreover, in using popular actresses such as Emma Watson or Kristen Stewart to play the lead, it is almost guaranteed that it will sell.

I wish both the comic and movie industries would wake up and see that times are changing, and that if they have any desire to survive, they should change with them!


  1. It's true that the lead characters in the vast majority of these movies are men, but there are some strong women in them as well. Daredevil has Elektra, for example, who certainly kicks ass. X-Men has a lot of tough females, such as Storm, Jean Grey, Rogue, and Kitty Pryde. Even V for Vendetta has Evey, who although not a superhero is a very strong and independent woman. I do agree that more female superheroes could do well on the big screen, but let's not forget those who are already there.

  2. I totally agree, Rachel, but none of them play the lead role in these movies. While they certainly do exist, how come they can't have their own movies? Why must these strong women exist as a part of a plot that revolves around a central male character? I see no reason why Wonder Woman shouldn't have her own hit movie with her name headlining billboards - it would make millions!


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