Monday, December 5, 2011

Voodoo Stripper

The comic I picked out of the new 52 was Voodoo. I felt like she was a very interesting character, especially because I couldn't quite tell if she was the good guy or the villain.

Another interesting aspect about her is that she's a stripper, which automatically sexualizes her. Its even where she got her name from- being the most popular stripper. Although I had a bit of an issue with this initial sexualization of her in the comic, as I thought about it, it did kind of make sense. She is only stripping to find out the secrets from the military men who come to the club. She uses her sexuality to gain something. This is the same with all the other strippers in the club- they're all single mothers or college students, doing what they have to in order to support themselves or their families. Not sex-crazed, mindless women, who strip just because they enjoy it.

Although I don't support the author's decision to make a stripper superhero, after thinking about it more, it didn't make me as upset as I felt initially. Do you think there was enough reason to make her a stripper? Or just an excuse to make her overly sexualized?


  1. That seems like an interesting comic. I think the author was going towards women's empowerment of strippers from a different perspective - one where we can understand what they do instead of criticize it.

  2. I agree with Jennifer. I think this may actually be a step in the right direction. Instead of being sexualized for no apparent reason, this superhero's sexuality is part of what makes her a superhero. Whether or not it should be, stripping is a job that women do. One of the great things about superheroes, is that anyone can be one. Not, only nurses and teachers, and goodie two shoes can be superheroes. These strippers are real people with real life problems, and even though we don't want to be strippers, we can look up to them.

  3. I really agree with the comments above mine. However, thinking about it in a simple way he might have wanted to add on to the stigma of women and how they only serve one purpose - satisfy men.


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