Monday, December 5, 2011

The Sexualized Outfits of the Female Leads in Sucker Punch

As we discussed early in the semester and throughout the year in class, the comic artists tend to pay a lot of attention to over sexualizing the comic book heroines' outfits with the exception of Rogue, who wore a full body suit that covered every inch of her body so that she was not able to harm anyone. In contrast to Rogue the female leads of the movie Sucker Punch tend to follow the norm and don skimpy outfits when they are kicking ass and attempting to escape the confines of the mental institution.

sucker-punch-movie-trailerSucker-Punch-Movie.jpgSucker Punch was supposed to be an empowering film for young women were females are portrayed as powerful as men and capable of standing up for themselves and kicking ass, but instead we got a cheap bargain. What was depicted was a childish female character who was hyper sexualized in order to play up the fetishes of men around the world. I understand that in the institution, which is the real world in the movie, the outfits were skimpy. Since they were being sexually exploited by the madame and the men in the institution, then it would make sense that the outfits look like they came out of a burlesque parlor; what I do not understand is why the girls were objectified in the parallel world were they were fighting the forces of "evil". 

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