Tuesday, December 6, 2011

100 Greatest Female Movie Characters

On Facebook someone posted a link about the 100 greatest female movie characters. Looking over the list I felt like it was a very interesting assortment of women who made it on there. There was everything from kiss ass girls like Nikita to cartoons like Jessie from Toy Story to even a plant called Audrey 2.

By having such a wide assortment of different types of women, this list really showed how there were many ways for a girl to be strong and independent. It didn't matter what profession you had or where you came from in life, it was all about what you did and how you handled yourself.

This was an issue that was brought up in class, asking about some modern strong female characters and people brought up characters like Miranda Priestly from "The Devil Wears Prada". This list should give people a lot more names to add.

But the real question is, do all these women deserve to be on the list? Or are there others that should be on it instead? Look through and tell me what you think!



  1. I don't know every character on the list, but I love so many of them! Especially Clementine Kruczinsky, Princess Leia, Hermoine, Sugar Kane, Dory, Enid, Chihiro, Hit Girl, Jessie, Summer, Shoshanna, Margo Channing, Thelma, Vivian Ward. I know that that was long but this is a good list. Not all of the women on the list are strong women who defy stereotypes, but the purpose of movies isn't always to promote a good image of women. In a lot of ways these characters are accurate portrayals of women, they are characters that other women can relate to. Many of them are strong, brave, ambitious. They have problems to face, but not all of their problems are about men or careers. Margo Channings nemesis was another woman. Shoshanna had a man she loved and worked at a theater she loved, but thirsted for revenge. Hit Girl is too young to even think about these problems. So, do all of the women on the list belong? I couldn't say. But the ones that I am familiar with definitely do.

  2. If the list was "Strongest Female Characters," then I think it would be very different. Since the list is just the "greatest" female movie characters, I understand why some women are on the list who aren't considered to be strong or independent.

  3. I totally agree because many of these characters are great portrayals of everyday women, it is not a list of super heroines but great females.


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