Saturday, May 14, 2011

Welcome to Hotel626

Earlier posts on scary hotels stroked a ready chord with me. Last summer, my friends and I made a temporary "home theatre" setup, and decided to play hotel 626 on it.

Released on Halloween back in 2009, Hotel 626 is an online first person point and click flash game brought to us by Doritos; as a marketing gimmick created in honour of the resurrection of the brand’s two “undead” flavours: Black Pepper Jack and Smoking Cheddar BBQ. The game itself has nothing to do with Doritos. Or cornchips. Or cheese...but nonetheless, Hotel626 is a beautifully crafted game by the geniuses from Goodby, Silversein & Partners and B-reel, visualizing your darkest hotel nightmares on your very own computer screen.

As one enters the website, the site prompts you to “check in” – where you enter your personal information and grant the game access to your mic and webcam (although none of the information is mandatory besides your DOB.) To really send a chill down your spine, the developers rendered impeccable graphics, composed haunting melodies, and what’s more - it’s interactive.

If you’re bold enough, Ladies and Gentlemen: your rooms are ready.

Have a great stay.

The hotel is only open from 6pm to 6am.

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