Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Avada Kedavra

We talked a bit about harry Potter at the end of class, and its inspired me to make a blog post about it.

In a world full of spectacular magic and infinite possibilities, there is something eerily simple and final about Avada Kedavra. In just two muttered words and a flash of pale green light, a death eater can permanently end a wizard or muggles life. Wizards and Witches can instantly graft bone, replace spliced flesh, or otherwise cure any of the assortment of odd magical injuries, but the quick death of Avada Kedavra is final. This serves as a dark contrast to sense of power and immortality I had imagined wizards to have as a young muggle reading the books and this always scared me to death. As much as I don't mind seeing Robert Pattinson zapped to death, I have to feel for the guy.

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  1. I had the same reaction when I learned of the immediate death that ensued from speaking the killing curse. Of course, the wizards and witches in Harry Potter note that the curse has to be spoken with true intent, but the simplicity and irreversibility of Avada Kedavra makes you wonder why accidental murders are not more common. Seeing the killing of the great headmaster by Snape really shows the true power behind the curse. I'm sure the curse will be uttered several times in the upcoming movie feature this summer.


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