Sunday, May 1, 2011

Violent Instrumentals in Drum and Bass

Drum and Bass is a genre of electronic music that is widely considered to be the "father" of dubstep. Like dubstep, DnB is grounded in heavy basslines and crazy synths. However, the music itself reminds me of music that you would play if you were going to be in some sort of crazy violent battle. The drums in the music are almost violent in nature, simply because they are always so fast and seemingly uncontrolled. DnB became popular after hardcore metal and rock had come to full force in their respective audiences, so it seems as though some of the violent themes in hardcore actually transferred over into the DnB scene. Having been to a drum and bass show in Berlin, I know firsthand of what the hardcore DnB fans are like. The show was essentially one big mosh pit, with fans essentially being beaten in pits of ravenous enthusiasm. It makes sense, as the intensity of the music itself has the power to turn collected people into violent animals, simply using instrumentals.

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