Sunday, May 15, 2011

Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston

The Ali-Liston II (1965) fight is perhaps one of the most controversial, anticipated and watched matches in boxing. The match is a mystery in its self - It is boxing’s Bermuda triangle. Questions still remain unanswered. No one really saw the “phantom punch” that brought Liston down. Was the punch even a genuine knockout punch? Did Liston really bet against himself to “take a dive” to repay the mafia? Or was he actually afraid of the Ali’s Nation of Islam extremists? But we know one thing for sure: Muhammad Ali won that fateful day.

On a different note:

In today’s commercialized world, you can even wear your own little piece of sporting history. Ali’s laser eyes most certainly gives the fight of the century a whimsical spin. Is Ali happy? Exhilarated? Victorious? Exasperated? Angry? Who knows? His performance was so spectacular on May 25th 1965 - he’s Godzilla.

If you dig this, you could call this your own for $24.


  1. This looks like a sad Gatorade commercial...

  2. Now that you pointed it out, it does look kinda campy. haha.

  3. A boxing enthusiast myself, the image of Ali standing over Liston is powerful and a recognized symbol of boxing in its glory days. It is interesting though that for such a violent sport, the punch that seemed to knockout Liston was a rather weak right thrown by Ali. I still have my doubts about the legitimacy of that fight, but I don't know that we will ever know the truth for sure. The laser eyes on this shirt emphasize the victorious stare-down that Ali had with the downed Liston.

    In case people have never seen the fight being discussed:


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