Friday, May 13, 2011

Good for You Little Chinese Wrestler Kid

So Ive been looking for something to post about for a couple days and I just could not find anything. And then just a few minutes ago I found it. It was exactly what I was looking for. Now watch.

We have talked a lot about pro wrestling in this class, which is why I thought this would be a good video to talk about. We have had to combat the stereotype that pro wrestling is fake and how no one really gets hurt, but we have seen that this is not true. In American pro wrestling people can die or get seriously hurt when trying to perform some moves. However, this video just takes it to a whole other level. I would have to say this little kid weighs maybe 90 pounds on a good day and yet we are to believe that he can throw these grown men around and make them scream out in pain. Although this seems absurd, you do have to give the little guy credit. He is doing backflips all over the place and seems to have a good grasp of the different techniques used to make his fights seem almost believable. I know that when I saw this I immediately thought that all the people in the crowd were stupid for even watching but when you see all of the other wrestlers you see that it is much more focused on being a show and just entertaining than being a legit wrestling match. This is exactly what the WWE does. A great example would be Rey Mysterio. He is billed at 5'6"and 175 pounds, which makes no sense since he is wrestling against guys who are about a foot taller than him and yet he can still win. So when you realize that the WWE does the same thing as this chinese wrestling match, it does not seem so crazy.


  1. Sorry, but since the text describing that video and the words spoken in it are both in Japanese, I'm going to assume that it's an event taking in place in Japan with ethnically Japanese wrestlers. But hey, who's counting?

  2. I think this video perfectly sums up wrestling, at least for me. Professional Wrestling is fake and is meant to be entertaining first and foremost. Nobody truly cares who wins and loses the actual match, but rather the American viewing public cares about being entertained. I was entertained while watching that short youtube clip, so in my book this is a legitimate wrestling league.

  3. That's pretty hilarious. That kid is fast! And I agree that it doesn't matter that he obviously isn't 'really' flipping people. He's actually doing real moves and flips with pretty impressive precision, and it's definitely entertaining. I think it'd be irritating to watch his promos though.

  4. Wrestling is about spectacle. People don't care if a wrestler is actually throwing his opponents around, they just want to see cool technical moves. This kid has got talent and people notice. Some wrestlers in the WWE aren't strong enough to actually lift their opponent, so they do cool high-flying moves, which, in my opinion, are more badass


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