Sunday, May 15, 2011

Girlie Slumber Party (with Michelle Rodriguez)

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From CollegeHumor is a satirical and wonderfully edited three-minute dramatic clip where a cliche pillow fight turns ludicrously bloody and violent. Built from the point of view of two peeping toms, the short takes a traditional setup and takes it to its logical extreme. Mock violence gives way to over-the-top bloody physical damage, so extreme it is funny. Air swishes, smacks, heavy thuds, breaking glass, and dramatic trash talking make up the soundtrack.


  1. I'm not sure if it's a really important part of the humor, but the creepy dude in glasses that keeps making sexual comments even though the girls have pretty clearly thrown off the cute ditsy archetype is a little bit weird. The rest of the video is funny, he's just a little bit too creepy.I guess it sets up his friend as the straight man, but it's still weird to see a guy turned on as much by violence as by the adolescent fantasy the video starts as.

  2. Is there something fascinating about seeing attractive girls go insanely violent? That's the premise for the movie Sorority Row, which is basically an extended version of this video. The sisters turn on each other after a party and it devolves into an hour of brutal violence where sorority girls try to kill each other in the showers. I think it's funny because girls actually want to fight each other all the time, but never actually go for it. Watching Sorority Row and Pretty Little Liars is like fantasy fulfillment. I'm not sure what's in it for guy. Hours of girl on girl gory violence can't be that interesting or sexy.

  3. The female slumber party has long been a source of curiosity for guys because we really were never sure what happened at these events. In this video, we clearly see that two guys have gotten the chance of the lifetime and believe they are in for some sort of nudity or risque behavior. Instead, they find themselves as spectators to a blood pillow fight. Although girlfights are interesting to guys, the appearance of blood usually ends whatever fantasy the guy may have regarding female vs female violence. But they did receive their reward for enduring the short match..a nipslip.


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