Sunday, May 15, 2011

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

Tyler, The Creator is becoming one of Hip Hop’s (and the internet’s) biggest sensations. Tyler is the frontman of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (also known as OFWGKTA or simply ‘Odd Future’) and has 2 solo albums. His voice sounds like a blend of Lloyd Banks and Bizzare (of D12 fame.) His flow mixes the lunacy of Slim Shady, the vocal “characters” of Biggie, and the wordplay of Lil Wayne. As described in one video on Funny or Die (about OFWGKTA,) “They’re awesome! They’re like…Nikki Minaj…with dicks. And they’re awesome.”

Tyler’s recent rise to fame has a lot to owe to Twitter. His account (@fucktyler) has over 200,000 followers, and his personality on twitter has become an extension of his music. His tweets, in which he capitalizes every word, are eccentric, uncensored, and unique. He’s got over 10,000 tweets, but here are some of his most recent:

“Sick As Fuck. Fuck.”

Taking A Shit. I'm Sick As Fuck. My Back Hurts. Fuck.”

“I Feel Like A Fucking Piece Of Shit Fuck.”

“Toronto, Help Me Out. I Feel Like I'm Dying, So, Please, Tonight, Wild The Fuck Out, Mosh, Break Shit, To Make This Easier On Me. Swag”

Violence plays a big part in the content of his lyrics. Like Eminem, his songs feature rape, torture, dead, and suicide. Tyler seems very self-aware, appearing in funny videos, and even referencing his lyrical content in his songs. In his song ‘Seven’ off his first album Bastard, Tyler says, “As you can probably tell from listening to this record, I was…I was probably angry…probably on my period. I didn’t mean to offend anyone…Alright, I’m lying.”

Tyler is pretty talented; he makes his own beats, album covers, and conceptualizes his own videos. Check out this gem:

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  1. I don't know how I feel about Tyler the Creator. On one hand I understand how young and talented he is and his lyrics are both fucking demented and brilliant. But on the other hand, his songs aren't exactly fun to listen to..


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