Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One of the Best Fight Scenes Ever

This scene is from the movie "Kickass." I first saw it with a couple friends who convinced me to watch it. I originally thought the movie was going to be awful, but after watching it, I realized that it is actually a great film. The movie is reminiscient of Kill Bill, but the movie itself is kind of a satire of violent superhero movies. What is really interesting about the movie is that the superheros, Kickass, Big Daddy, and Hitgirl, have really cheesy outfits and the dialogue is not incredible, while the fight scenes are insanely awesome. Check out the one posted above, its shot in a really cool way and uses some awesome perspectives. The violence in this scene is some of the most stylized that I have ever seen. Its worth watching this movie after finals are over. It's awesome


  1. Saw this movie last night actually; It was awesome. I definitely got the whole Tarantino vibe in the action scenes, especially when Hit Girl was first breaking into the D'Amico complex. The gun shot through that guards cheek was brutal.

  2. Instead of filming this in 3rd person, i love how the director did this in 1st person - exactly like a fps video game - i personally find that really engaging.

    When it comes to the subject of "masked heroes", I've recently watched Watchmen, if you dig superheroes, watchmen provides an interesting/ rather philosophical perspective outlook within that genre-definately a must see.

  3. I too just saw this movie for the first time on my NetFlix and loved the use of the strobe-light on the pistol. The sliced up visual perspective it engages the viewer with makes for constant dramatic movement. It almost puts objects in slow motion. The pistol fire had the same visual effect but I think the pistol attachment is much more creative.

  4. The shifts in POV from the different shooters made this scene of violence amazing. Adding to the overall imagery was the change in camera lenses from that of night vision goggles to the strobe lights that lit the background. Although we don't see carnage or bloodshed, we see precision shooting and feel the fear of the captors who are basically shooting at people they can't see providing a since of panic and uncertain fear.


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