Saturday, April 9, 2011

Struggling Wrestler

Last night, Scott Hall, aka Razor Ramon, made an appearance at some low-level wrestling league in Falls River, Massachusetts. Watching this video, I really feel bad for the guy. Dude is definitely on some type of drugs. I looked further into it, and found out that Hall is on various painkillers/prescribed medications to help heal various ailments he has from his wrestling days. Even though the fights in wrestling are "fake," people still clearly get hurt. Hall is messed up these days, and his WWE wrestling career is probably the cause for most of his issues.


  1. I imagine that a combination of chronic injuries, drug prescriptions, and the stress of traveling over 300 days a year on a tour-bus must be overwhelming for a wrestler. Considering how much planning and money goes into setting up a wrestling match, if Scott Hall were to accidentally ingest too many pain-killers, he would still have to perform no matter how high he is: the show must go on after all. Poor guy.

  2. This video fairly depressing to watch, especially since we were able to see him at his prime battling HBK in that ladder match for the championship all those years ago. At least for me, what is especially striking is the fact that athletes find it so difficult to figure out when it is a good time to leave the spotlight and bow out gracefully. This video is particularly demoralizing, perhaps because watching Hall's struggle is just so incredibly painful

  3. It is interesting to compare a situation like this with those similar in the case of former NFL players who have similar problems. In my opinion, "fighting" in the WWE seems a lot worse than playing professional football. However, the former players and entertainers in both seem to face the same problems later down the line. Wrestlers cling to that moment of glory, when the crowd is chanting their name. That feeling is probably enough to keep them going, even when they physically cannot take the abuse of the ring.


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