Friday, April 29, 2011


Wow, I can't believe they've had five "The Fast and the Furious" movies already. It's crazy because to be honest, I didn't really even like the first two movies that much. But, I guess I've watched all five of them in theaters, so there's something appealing about it.

I don't know why, but I particularly want to watch "Fast Five." Maybe it's because I haven't seen Dwayne Johnson (aka the Rock) in a serious acting role in forever or maybe its the combination of amazing cars and violence. And they always have a hot girl. To be honest though, all the "The Fast and the Furious" movies are pretty much the same pattern. Bunch of fugitives escaping cops in super fast modded cars. Hmm...


  1. For a variety of reasons, the movie was amazing. Of course the movie featured the bad acting that we have come to expect, but the plot was more developed than the other movies in the series. The gathering of the old gang back together for one last job and the addition of a few new specialists gave the movie a very similar feel to that of Ocean's 11. Although the film didn't rely as much on the car scene, it was still present throughout the plot and tied in nicely with the gratuitous amount of violence in Rio. The fight scene between the Rock and Vin was outrageous and well worth the ridiculous price of admission ($10.50 if you are in Ithaca).

    P.S. If you see the film, make sure you stay past the credits.

  2. Now I really want to see this after reading Jordan's comment. Even though these movies are obviously cliched to a certain extent, they still manage to retain their visceral sense of excitement. The producers and actors of Fast Five know this and bank on it. And they seem to have made the right decision in making yet another movie.

  3. They might be well-executed and entertaining, but I think that the Fast and the Furious series is hardly groundbreaking at this point. It's possible to make exciting action movies that still have brains (Inception, last year), so wouldn't it be nice to see Hollywood focus on original and interesting movies instead of conservatively rehashing the same plots over and over?

  4. Like the original poster, I didn't really like the first two movies, but I still went on to see the following two in theaters as well. There's something about the "Fast" series that just makes you think "Hey, I'm gonna see this movie." On a rainy Saturday afternoon when you're debating going to the movie theatre, this is the type of movie you want to see. Who wants to think about a serious plot line or real romance or anything like that? We just want to see fast cars that we'll probably never afford, lots of illegally obtained money that we'll probably never see in our lives, and last, but not least, lots of hot girls who we'll probably never....well you get it.


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