Thursday, April 7, 2011

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is going to fight CM Punk!!!!

Ok, so this video is actually just a promotion for the new video game WWE All stars, but I think this fight would be a real crowd pleaser. On one end, you have the beer drinking, rowdy rattlesnake and on the other end, you have the straight edged, Criss Angel Mindfreak look-a-like. I have no doubt that the Steve Austin would win because Phillip Brooks really does look like a punk. Nonetheless, a heel versus heel, with Steve Austin’s old age, would definitely have some insane props and weapons. Also the notion that CM Punk is straight edge is interesting since he professes not use drugs and alcohol. Moreover, he grew his hair out to look like Jesus so that he could be the savior of the crowd. There have even been matches where he shaves other people’s heads (including women) as a sign of devotion to the straight edge lifestyle. Ironically, losing at match at Over the Limit, resulted in him shaving his head, which caused him serious emotional damage because he wore a mask for a while. Nevertheless, this righteous prophet said, “I am not going to enable [Steve Austin] right now, I am going to just say no.” But then his heel attitude gets the best of him and he promises to remove [Steve Austin] and the stains of all his bad examples from the WWE for forever.” Personally, I like this zest of two opposite lifestyles going head to head and would be very interested to see how WWE would script the fight. Supposedly these two have actively engaged in a twitter battle and although that sounds as harmless as throwing cotton balls, Steve Austin may be itching to get back into the ring.


  1. Definitely looks like an interesting battle if it were to go down. The dichotomy of attitudes really represents a large sentiment of the American (typically Southern) attitude. On the one hand we have the people who live their lives drinking beer, having fun, and living for themselves. On the other hand we have people living for eternal salvation and purity in life. Both these themes have avid supporters and having two wrestlers that embody these sentiments so well would definitely make for a great match.

  2. I would be interested in seeing this just because of Stone Cold. Growing up even though I was not a big wrestling fan Stone Cold was my favorite wrestler. See him wrestling again, I suspect, would bring back a lot of nostalgic feelings for me and a bunch of other people.


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