Sunday, April 24, 2011

Buffy, Buffy, Buffy

Whenever I tell my friends that I have to watch BtVS for class they usually snicker and throw a couple of snide remarks my way. I'd like to say I take it in stride because we all know that we have at least seen one episode of BtVS. It was a huge show that is consistently rated as one of the best shows of all time. With that having been said I think that after watching "The Body" I realized that just how much I was getting into the show. The moments of silence as well as Joyce's dead stare that is constantly revisited were definitely felt my countless viewer, including myself. I felt bad for Buffy because although in many ways she is now free from the liability of having to explain to and deal with a worried mother, but she also lost the woman who made her who she is. Buffy's powerlessness in the face of death is a powerful reminder of the unpredictability of it; even if you are the slayer


  1. I was actually surprised a little at how hard Buffy took the loss of her mother, Joyce. In our abbreviated watching of episodes and spotty following of the plot, it was difficult to fully understand the true relationship between Buffy and her mother. From the brief snippets we viewed, it appears that there was always a division between the two because Joyce attempted to parent by the textbook and Buffy went again nearly everything she said. Even when Buffy reveals that she is the Slayer to her mother, her mother is incredulous and can't quite accept that reality. So to see Buffy break down the way she did, it felt like she was going through remorse because she failed to end things with her mother in the way that she might have liked. Like the post mentioned, there is also an element of Buffy failing to come to grips with the fact that she did not fully have power over the life/death of others.

  2. I agree that I am becoming a little more invested in Buffy than I would like to admit. I even watched an episode that wasnt on the syllabus. But even after watching just a handful of episodes I feel myself caring about the characters. I guess this is what happens with any good tv show since they are able to pull anyone in. However, with me, its more of a love hate relationship. I like watching Buffy but I also hate it because 1. I have to constantly defend myself for watching it and 2. I guess Im just not a fan of campy material. watching all of the poorly done fight scenes and the absurd plot twists just really make my stomach churn. But with having said that, I do like watching Buffy and might (and this is a big might) finish out the series by watching season 7

  3. I'm watching the 7th season right now, I just could not let it go without knowing how it ended. Wiki would be alot quicker but I am too emotionally invested in all the characters at this point (I realized this once Guiles came back to stop Willow). Regardless it is amazing how shows can grow on you and create the need to follow the series. I have done this for a handful of others but it symbolizes a lasting formula of some marketing genius.


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