Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Animal Cruelty

Although Mike Vick ignited the nation in debate about animal rights just a couple years ago, animal rights are indeed a daily part of most people's lives. Whether it is debate about the environment how animals will be affected, eating meat, or dog fighting, animals hold a special place in people's hearts. That is probably because of the unique bond that owners have with many of their pets and also how many people feel an innate responsibility to treat mother nature and its animals properly. Even humans are animals after all.

Animal cruelty laws barely exist in many places in the world. Some countries' lack affection for animals is often appalling for animal lovers. In these places where such laws do not exist, people slaughter poultry on the streets, beat and then eat dogs, harvest fur by killing thousands of minks, or make animals like cocks and dogs fight each other for entertainment.

In China, with its lack of animal cruelty laws, manufacturers have been able to come up with further creative ways to exploit animals. Check out the article below.


Yes, they have keychains with live turtles and fish, which are lucky to survive 3 hours after they leave the manufacturing plant. For a country that has become such an economic powerhouse, it is surprising to me that China has still not set up any comprehensive animal cruelty laws.


  1. The Western world's view on animals is definitely different from that of the rest of the world. Specifically, I believe this stems from the difference in economic standings of the lower class. Because of welfare and social programs, America and its Western partners have been able to create an quasi-economic element of equality. This level of equality then allows for the mass population to engage in similar ideals on animals rights. The reason nations treat animals differently stems from the need of necessity. The majority must survive harsh living conditions (because of inflated populations) by utilizing all nature has to offer. In this case that means foregoing animals rights and concentrating on personal survival.

  2. I guess that definitely can be argued, and so I understand when certain animals are eaten that Western countries may find revolting. However, China has certainly developed to a point that it is no long out of necessity or even for consumption. These poor goldfish and turtles are being needlessly killed as accessories... as key chains. I think that's a little bit ridiculous.

  3. Animal cruelty to me is one of those issues that are more complex than they should be. This animals are living being just like us and while we do ultimately need them for food there is a way of humanely going about things. However economic powerhouse does not always equate progressive society. In fact I'd say that the ruthless pursuit of economic growth allows many heinous things to happen in order to streamline and lower costs among other things.

  4. That seems sort of similar to the practice of giving our goldfish as prizes for carnival games. Although I guess in this case one is able to care for the fish once it is taken home since it's not in a sealed contained. I doubt that most of the goldfish live longer than a couple of days though.


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