Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Rock vs. Vin Diesel

I am aware of the Fast Five post below me, but I felt that the fight between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel deserved a post of its own. In wrestling terms it was the usual face versus heel match; highly anticipated and incredibly hyped throughout the movie. The first glimpse of these two characters in the same frame is the Rock chasing down Dom through the rooftops of Rio de Janeiro. The Rock uses his innate special agent skills to echo locate the running fugitive above him and explodes out of a window to catch up to him. However, Dom uses his sweet talking skills to escape and evades the hustling juggernaut. After another close encounter the men finally meet with the Rock saying, "Your going down Toretto."

The first 45 seconds is a straight slugfest. Dom pummels the Rock and the Rock pounds on Dom. The Rock appears to get the upper hand early on by slamming Dom into a truck but Dom "hulks up" and gets out of the submission. After several body blows and tackles, Dom sees his partners cornered and goes crazy, tackling the Rock through some structural feature in what signals the turning point in the match. When the Rock's team members (who have plenty of guns) go to help, the Rock casually dismisses them. A wrestling match pursues with Dom regaining the upper-hand, who then reaches for his finishing move, a wrench to the skull. In dramatic cinematography, Dom lifts the wrench above his head like a tomahawk and pulverizes the space where the Rock's head should be lying. There is a brief moment of silence as the audience envisions the Rock's head as a smashed pumpkin. Luckily, Dom chooses to crack concrete instead of skulls and he places his hand behind his back to get arrested.

The fight had plenty of promos, used many situational props, and had loud thumping bass to support the heavy hitting blows. Just the type of voilent, action packed movie needed to kick the summer off, and since we are in Ithaca, I mean spring.

First 45 seconds of the fight:


  1. Having The Rock and Vin Diesel fight was an incredibly smart move. The fans of these men would probably pay quite a big of money to see this match within a ring, but since they cannot I am sure they will go to watch this movie. Until I saw this post I did not know that this was going to have in Fast Five; I know I'll be seeing it

  2. Even though Pete pretty much described the scene in its entirety, the words do not come close to accurately describing the fight. The realism of the fight is amazing and neither actor held back when it came to proving who was the more dominant. The rippling musculature and the exchange of bone-crushing blows kept the entire audience on the edge of its seats. The fact that this fight occurs in a warehouse rather than a wrestling ring is for the best due to the street fighting style of these two men. Just sit back and enjoy the violence.


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