Sunday, April 3, 2011


I had not planned on doing any extra credit blogging for Wrestlemania. There was not a way for me to watch it and I did not know if I would have the time to actually watch it. However, I thought that what I saw on twitter tonight was enough for me to blog about.
I logged on to my twitter account out of boredom and routine. The first tweet I see is from a high school friend of mine that read as follows: "Yeeeesssssss the UNDERTAKER WON!!!!!!! 19-0 19-0 19-0!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's GET IT!!!!!! Aint nobody messin wit UNDERTAKER!!!!!!!!" I remember having heard in class that The Undertaker is the only one who has gone undefeated at Wrestlemania and that odds were that he would continue his streak at this Wrestlemania. To see that this prediction came true as well as having found out through my friend's twitter goes to show how wrestling has entered the 21st century in terms of the instantaneous transfer of information provided by social sites like Twitter.
I realized that having wrestling fans on my twitter timeline is almost the same as having watched Wrestlemania myself. They are a source of live, up-to-date reporting via their constant tweeting. A happy synthesis between wrestling and social media.

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