Monday, April 11, 2011

Mortal Kombat Soundtrack

In case ya'll didn't believe me before, electronic music can be pretty violent. The soundtrack to the upcoming Mortal Kombat 9 was released about a week ago, and features some awesome tracks by some of the most popular producers today including Skrillex, Congorock, LA Riots, 9th Wonder, Harvard Bass, and Run DMT. Each producer was commissioned to make a specific character's theme song, and most match the style of the game perfectly.

Skrillex, whose track is a clear standout on the album, constructs a bouncy, violent, and fun track for Reptile that combines elements of humor with some pretty dark sounds. The chorus, with its off-beat vocal chant, reflects the active on-his-toes fighting style of Reptile, while the samples from the game remind us of his inspiration.

Run DMT's track also typifies the game's visual style, with dark synths layered over upbeat and classic drum patterns. The developers of the new game have stated that they wanted to create a darker game, while still maintaining the classic characters and finishing moves fans adore. Drop @ 0:41.


  1. I think the dark ominous tones of most electronic songs really does sound "violent." These masters of the electronic world can push a button on a soundboard and create something magical. Because there are usually no words in most electronic music, the listener focuses directly on the various sounds. This only adds to the mystery, you are always thinking what the drop is going to consist of. The aura of mystery in electronic music is what can make it construed as "violent."

  2. As a Skrillex fan, I like the unusual energy in his songs, but I've never thought about his signature explosion of sound as actually violent. When I think about it in the Mortal Kombat, the combination is perfect. Skrillex achieves this unique "reptilian" sound using the glitch method, which is deliberately using malfunctioning devices such as scratched records or circuit bending to create a sense of distortion. I can imagine that it would work really well with the character.


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