Saturday, April 2, 2011

The External World

The External World from David OReilly on Vimeo.

Watch this video produced by David O'Reilly called The External World. It will solve any existential crisis or incorrect assumptions about a caring universe a person may harbor. From the "Frisbee of Misguided Paternal Advice" to the violent and phallus-generating fax machine, the rudimentariness of the animation drives home a hopeful message about how meaningless our world really is. An array of animal characters are misconstrued as people having a sense of what is real in their world.

My favorite part is around 4:30 as a man receives his prescription labelled "Go Fuck Yourself." The pills immediately send him to a chemical nirvana.

When meaning is divorced from objects, the violence that befalls those objects becomes as meaningless as the objects themselves.

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  1. On the surface, the animation appears senseless and random. The first time I watched it I wondered why the creators bothered to collaborate and put so much effort into such an incoherent and shocking video. The second time around however, I appreciated the humor and absurdity of the whole thing. You realize that the animators took everything that we find banal and made it disturbing but funny for instance by taking a children's cartoon and portraying sex between a chibi anthropomorphized frog and monkey. The scene of a father and son spending quality time together and both being decapitated by a frisby is classic in its silliness. Truly genius!


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