Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Young Sinatra Mix Tape

First of all, hearing this mix tape totally revolutionized my world of hip hop. I experienced a total paradigm shift when I heard songs like Shine On and Beggin, both of which introduced some of the most original flow and talent that I've heard in a long time. In order to truly get a feel for this young man's talent, you need to listen to the whole collection:

This link also includes free download information which I highly suggest taking advantage of. In later posts I'll be exploring the controversy behind pirating music and free music sharing as well so keep an eye out for that. However, let's explore Logic and his musical identity for now. To begin with, the songs open with some of the rawest samples and covers, coupled with a beat to die for. Particularly, check out Shine On (his best piece, in my opinion). Notice his mastery of word play and enunciation in this track. He's defined by his witty charisma while clearly expressing his talent and swag. He's extremely refreshing because of these combined characteristics and the mix tape leaves me hungry for more Logic in my life. Cornell's teaching me valuable lessons, but I'd rather get my knowledge from hip hop. Can you blame me?

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  1. I just listened to the song "Shine On" as you suggested, and I was extremely impressed. I loved Logic's use of word play and other literary devices in this song. He uses homophones like in the line "music's in my genes like a crease", inventive similes like "the beat knocking like a fetus" and "I stain in the game, but you fade like pencil", and more. I also really liked the line "Cause selling crack and busting gats don't make my raps good" because I think this introduces a really important message. A lot of hip-hop artists write about stereotypical themes such as drugs and violence, but Logic recognizes that there is more to hip-hop than this stereotype implies. Logic clearly treats hip-hop as a form of art, and this comes through in his music. Thank you so much for introducing me to Logic! I am really impressed by him and am looking forward to listening to more of his music!

  2. I am in the superherione class but I read your post and I am very interested in the way your class has been studying the art of hip-hop. I have come to the realization that I have not been closely listening to the lyrics of hip-hop music. I think that I have been distracted by the very cool rhythms that play in the background to the lyrics. The song Beggin by Logic was a great listening suggestion because not only does it have a catchy beat to it but also has very inspirational lyrics. In this song, he sings about his struggle to be recognized and be loved by the public. His confidence in his own abilities allows him to push past the disbelievers to achieve his destiny. I thought it was really interesting how he reveals that he isn’t normal and refers to himself as someone from another planet. Even though he feels this separation from everyone else, Logic understands that he needs the love of his listeners in order to be successful. I believe this song is like a stepping stool in which Logic is trying to get the publics attention so that he can become famous. Once famous, he will be able to reveal his true message to us all.

  3. Besides the painfully long intro of "Shine on" (which just isn't my style, no offense), I agree with the first comment in that Logic is a true artist. With lines such as: "My lyrics is gettin' better every year like fiscal" and "the beat knockin' like a fetus", this lyric has proven to have some pretty clever lines, and listeners can tell that diction is important with a more fast-paced lyric. I'm more attracted to a lyric with continuous flow and a fast-paced verse because every beat, every word, and every syllable has to be that much more deliberate. His lyrics have clear definition despite the speed of his vernacular and that's something that always impresses me as a listener.
    In regards to the second comment, I think that what makes Logic appeal to me at least is the fact that he's not mainstream (and I hope it stays that way!), but I agree with you in that he continues to achieve uniqueness through his beats.


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