Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Best Lyric Site I've Encountered Thus Far

Since lyric is such a big part of our class, I feel like it would be appropriate for me to introduce a rap lyric site I've encountered recently:

This site is honestly on my Bookmarks Bar because of its immense usefulness. First off, the site does not support any pop-up advertisements, so those aren't a bother. Second, you can search a rapper, a song title, or even some lyrics from a song. The site can list all the songs by one rapper, an entire song, or a list of al the songs that contain the searched lyrics, respectively. Thirdly, when the lyrics of a song are pulled up, many lyrics are highlighted in orange. The orange-highlighted lyrics can be clicked on for hidden meanings and explanations.
Fourthly, the site has articles like "Rappers to look for in 2012" and the greatest rap songs of the year.

I hope you check out the site!


  1. I've come across this site already! But I've also questioned whether or not the "meanings" of the highlighted lyrics are legitimate or not (some of them say that they are not supported by the website which makes me a little wary on whether or not the meanings are what they artist meant). Going back to lyrical interpretation that we talked about in class, should it even matter what the artist meant if we all interact with the lyric in a different way?

  2. This is really funny for me to read because, one of my best friends from high school works for a rap music website, and introduced my to Rap Genius. Honestly, I never actually gone and visited the site (she promotes a lot of rap websites, and I rarely have time to visit them all), but I am really glad you posted it here, because now I actually have to go check it out !

  3. I used this website one time to help me decipher Tyga's Rack City for a lecture I was doing. Definitely a good site, but some of the translations are questionable. Then again its almost impossible to understand exactly what rappers mean when they right. Often times, it's easy for us to over-analyze lyrics.

  4. I also came across this site at the beginning of this class. I'm glad that you decided to post about it because I think it can be a very useful website. I really like that they give the meanings of the highlighted lyrics, but I also agree that these translations are not always accurate. Nevertheless, sometimes the highlighted translations do give helpful and accurate background information/history of the song. For example, for the song "The Way I Am" by Eminem, the website explained how the chorus was based off of Rakim's "I’m the R the A to the K-I-M/If I wasn’t than why would I say I am", just like we talked about in class. Overall, I think this is a very useful site, and I'm glad you posted about it!


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