Sunday, February 19, 2012

Take Care: Who sang it better?

“Take Care”, a track originally written by Drake featuring Rihanna, also happens to be the title of the album of which it is a part. “Take Care” is a concept album in which many of Drake’s songs address the issues of relationships in the context of his career (with other song’s like “Headlines” and “Make me proud”). The second song listed is the cover to this track by Florence and the Machine (Florence, an Indie-rock artist covered the track on Radio 1 Live Lounge).
In any case, these two versions of the same song present completely different meanings when two different artists present them; Drake’s version uses Rihanna’s voice to create a dynamic between a man and woman in which each partner wants to take care of the other romantically. In Florence’s version, since she is a woman singing about another woman, the relationship could be between two friends, two sisters, two lovers, or even between mother and daughter. I think that both versions attempt to promote the message of inter-personal relationships, but in different ways. Personally, I am more attracted to Florence’s version, and I would argue that she not only has better pipes than Rihanna, but she also raps better than Drake.
So, my main question is, which version do you guys prefer and why?


  1. I never heard the Take Care cover before but it was very interesting. I loved the orchestra in the back ground. things like that get to me every time, but as for which version I liked better, I would definitely have to go with the original. The original is something that I can play over and over again and still like and sing along to but the cover is something that you listen to experience one time. It's not catchy like the original. I also wouldn't say she rapped better than drake, due to the fact that she wasn't rapping but singing, and for most of the song neither was drake. But I like both but in my opinion the original is better.

  2. I enjoyed the Florence and the Machine version much more. She adds a lot more soul (sorry for the word choice, but I can't really describe it otherwise) to the song and uses the orchestra to her advantage. The incorporation of intense, extremely talented, vocals coupled with the full band makes her version much better in my opinion. Drake has a very different style, obviously, but the rap lacks the emotion that Florence and the Machine brings to the table. The difference between their styles is vast, but I'd much rather listen to the Florence and the Machine version.

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