Saturday, February 18, 2012

Old Guys Got Flow

Rap heavy weights such as Jay-Z and 50 Cent, ages 42 and 36 respectively, are both still active in the industry. I believe that they, despite their ages, produce to this day some of the best hip-hop music that has ever been released. But does rapping have an age limit? As both of these artists are fathers, will there come a day in the close future when they are too old to be in this industry?

Many of the newer younger rappers cannot even compare to Jay-Z or 50 Cent, despite producing music for their own generation. Why is it than a generation older than mine knows what we still want to hear? I believe this is partially due to lyrical complexity of the golden age that has continued to this day with some of the older rappers. New songs such as Rack City have no lyrical importance at all; there is no story or depth behind the lyrics. However, Jay-Z's new song Glory has a lot of meaning and depth. So I ask, what will happen to the hip-hop industry when the old guys retire? Will the younger rappers be able to pick up the slack and allow rap to still flourish?


  1. I agree with you there, in regards to Jay-Z, but not 50-cent. I feel like 50 isn't even making music anymore, and when he is, it isn't pretty.
    But yes, I think that Jay-Z's age makes him seasoned and gives more depth to his rap songs. However, I feel like while the rap industry is changing, so are the wants and wishes of our society. Kids like songs like "Rack City" not necessarily for content, but because they're catchy.
    I also think that there are up and coming rappers (like Childish Gambino, Lupe Fiasco and Kid Cudi just to name a few) who do take their lyrics seriously and thus I have faith that there are those who will preserve the rap game.

  2. As far as an age limit in the rap industry is concerned, I think that an artist's understanding of what society wants to hear is more important than the artist's age. I agree that a lot of today's songs such as "Rack City" lack lyrical importance, and I think that this is because today's society values a catchy beat over well-crafted lyrics. That being said, I also think that there are some rappers who still value good lyrics and who will continue the traditions set by the older rappers when they retire.


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