Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Strength of Storm: A Role Model Worth Copying

After reading two X-Men comics, I have really grown to respect Storm. In “Days of Our Future Past,” Storm is the newly appointed leader, and even though her power is undoubtedly strong, she constantly doubts her ability and is doubted by others. Her leadership, strength, and power are continually distrusted. She is described as “woefully inexperienced.” At one point in the issue, Dr. X even refers to her as a “child”, and the prose description goes on to reveal that Storm “does as she’s told” rather than does what she wants. Wolverine, who does not want to follow her instruction to never use his claws unless it is absolutely necessary, also questions her. Such constant doubt causes her to depower herself, questioning her actions and leadership. She sarcastically thinks that she is “justifying” Professor Xavier’s faith in naming her leader when she fails at protecting her teammates, and even goes on to believe that Cyclops could do a far better job.
Such doubts, however, are quickly erased, as when she sees Colossus in danger, she quickly dismisses her worries and fights to protect her teammate. She definitely takes on her role when her fellow teammates are in trouble, proving her capability to lead. She is a mother figure to Kitty Pryde and helps her whenever she is in need. Storm’s protective, nurturing role in her relationship with Kitty can also be seen in her relationships with the other X-Men. As the newly appointed leader, Storm feels responsible for her fellow teammates and often worries about them. She cares about them, and is constantly trying to comfort and protects them.
Storm’s leading role in this comic has turned her into a role model. I often doubt myself too, and seeing Storm prevail as a strong superheroine even when her leadership is consistently threatened makes me want to try to do the same. Even when others think I cannot prevail, I will try to adopt some of Storm’s confidence and strength. She truly is a superherione that is worth remembering, especially when the doubts of others seem hard to forget. 

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  1. Storm's leadership fails however in the end of the comic. As the issue ends, it is revealed that the sentinels are still going to be released on the mutant poopulation, indicating that Storm's leadership and the mission have failed in saving mutant kind and the world as we know it. Does this indicate that Storm's leadership is ineffective?
    Some of the qualities that you deem as strength's in Storms character only perpetuate gender norms- Storm's motherly attitude towards Kitty suggests that Storm is more capable of being a mother than she is of being a leader of the X-men.
    While I agree that Storm is a strong character, one that deserves to be idolized, the way that she is depicted throughout the comic by author and illustrator provide an extremely gender perspective of Storm that disempowers her completely.


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