Sunday, February 12, 2012

Braggadocio Hip Hop

Just yesterday, I stumbled upon another great rap song when looking at dance videos from one of my favorite group of dancers, Les Twins. The name of this track was Motor Music by Finale.

The song starts off with an excerpt from a totally different genre of music (I don't want to guess and offend anyone), but then a strong bass and beat combination is introduced after the artist announces, "Imma make 'em look bad." Although I could not find the lyrics online, I listened closely to find the general theme of the song. It relates to the braggadocio theme of which we've been discussing in class. Finale seems to be not only bragging about his own fame, but also instructing other rappers in how to clean up their career to be on his level (essentially dissing them). The refrain
System knockin', when I'm in the spot and
Listen when it drop, get live with it
This is for the rock man, quit isn't an option
This'll get 'em locked in, get live with it
captures the braggadocio theme in the following ways: his ability to capture his listeners as soon as his track plays as well as his confidence in the success of the track among the public. On another note, the way Finale raps commands the beat, not the other way around. His emphasis falls in between different beats as the rap progresses. It really keeps me following what he says with the background beat simply acting as a mere guide of time; one cannot get to attached to the beat, as they will lose the flow with which Finale is rapping.

If you would like to check it out, here is Les Twins freestyling to Finale's rap track. I find myself exposed to these unheard tracks the more and more I follow dance choreographers (though the majority of these choreographers dance in the style of hip hop*)

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