Friday, February 24, 2012

Female Soldiers in the Military: Do they belong?

A couple of weeks ago, when I was following the 2012 selection, Rick Santorum, a Republican candidate for president, said that having women close to the front lines may make men emotional is they see a woman in harm's way. He explicitly states that, "Men have emotions when they see a woman in harm's way,". One can read more about this statement here:

Now I am not one to assume that he was being sexist. Maybe this was just how he was conditioned to think. And in some one's mind, he has a legitimate argument. Women are just suppose to be stay-at-home mothers and not in harm's way.  Some women in the army feel that the Pentagon feels this way.  Shoshana Johnson, a former POW, says that the pentagon still doesn't allow women on the front lines. She says, "The typical reasons cited for maintaining the current military policy are rape, injury, and the most condescending, and quite frankly, insulting: a female’s ability to do the job." The statement can be found her:

I believe that this type of issue helps people understand why Superheroines were created in the first place. The reason: Women can be in harm's way and fend for themselves. Wonder Woman was saving the whole planet by herself. She's a testament to female excellency and a role model to young girls. No one questioned her ability to combat evil; why should anyone criticized female soldiers for doing the same thing?


  1. Women in the military is a very interesting issue in that many people do not support it and think the way that Rick Santorum did in the quote posted. Women are often put into the role of the submissive housewife and it is assumed that they would be incapable of carrying out military service because of the violence. However, I agree with you that women should not be criticized if they are in the military as long as they are able to be as physically fit and mentally prepared to fight as the men in the military. If they can do these things, which I am sure the women who join the military have the discipline to do, then they should be granted the same respect as men.

  2. I agree with both of you. If women are able to get through the same training as men, which requires a great deal of discipline, both physically and mentally, then haven't they proven themselves capable of defending themselves in war? If not, then this contradicts everything that boot camp is based on. Boot camp is like an six to eight week test (depending on which branch of the military) and if you pass, then that means you're qualified. As for the comment about men "emotionally feeling the need to protect the women," then these men just need to get this idea out of their head and, quite frankly, mind their own business. I am not saying that military soldiers shouldn't look out for each other, but don't give special attention to women for the mere fact that "I feel she needs it more." No matter if it was being sexist or not, haven't women proved themselves enough throughout the years? What will it take to finally expel these ideas out of some men's heads?

  3. Rick Santorum is not a very strategic human being.

    Rape would be pretty horrible, and it’s a very good point. In many wars past, pillaging and raping were common wartime acts (hence the spread and persistence of the Mongolian Spot). This kind of behavior would be horrid to hear of in modern day.

    Isn’t it a proven scientific fact that men are, on average, stronger than women? Doesn’t that mean that they can hold the gun longer and steadier than women? Doesn’t that mean that their reflexes and movements will be more dynamic and powerful? Doesn’t that mean that women have a greater chance of being injured in the front lines?

    Although I believe this to be true, I must say that, if women pass the same tests and have the same desire to be on the front lines as men, then they should be allowed to.

    I also must say that Wonder Woman, although insanely inspiring, is but a fictional being, and her actions, though inspiring, don’t necessarily translate nor testify to much in the material world. In Misty Magic Land, however… that’s a different story.

  4. Agreeing with the post and all the comments above me, I feel that women should not only receive fair treatment in the military, but also being allowed to be put on the front lines? Who is to say that women are less than capable of protecting their country and fighting for what they believe in. I, too agree that if women are capable of getting through boot camp and being physically pushed to the limit, then they should not be held back for they seem more "fragile" than a male.


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