Friday, March 2, 2012

Message to the Fans!

I was recently sent an email with this link in it. It’s a video of a guy basically asking Rihanna why she would release a song with Chris Brown about how much they miss having sex with each other. He as well as a lot of people feels that this was inappropriate and that she is sending the wrong message to her fans, and battered women in general. Rihanna took on the responsibility to represent battered women. She took on the job of spreading the message that domestic violence is wrong and not ok but she pretty much contradicted that by making this song. I wonder how her fans feel about her now, and if you still take the Rihanna and Chris Brown situation serious anymore.  Do you guys agree with this guy or do you feel her making this song is ok? In my opinion I think she could have made other songs that shows her fan that she is moving on and forgiving him, and then she can make a song like this afterwards, which is something the guys in the video mentioned a well. What do you guys think?

This is the Video: 

This is the link to the song:


  1. I do understand and agree that it would be a good idea for Rihanna and Chris Brown to make an inspirational song about forgiveness and love after all that has happened, but I guess that just didn't happen. I mean, Rihanna will do what she will, and if she's personally happy with it and that's the way she deals with it, then so be it. It was never Rihanna's duty to represent "battered" women. Putting a label of "battered" might actually be offensive to women since it connotes weakness and submission.

    Abuse is never okay, but Rihanna should not be punished for what she and Chris feel is appropriate for their own relationship.

  2. You raise a good point Rihanna will do what she wants but Rihanna did take on that responsibility herself it was not placed on her so i would have to disagree with you there. and as for Battered, i thought it just means abused, i mean there is no word that can make abuse sound nicer than what it is.


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