Sunday, March 11, 2012

Feminist Advertisements?

I’m a fan of poetry, and thought I’d Google search for “feminist poetry” for this week’s post. I did, and read a few good poems. As I was trying to make up my mind as to which to blog about, I noticed the ads on the page. They were:

Wow… So basically, women 1) want to marry rich people and not have to work, 2) don’t want to be the cause of break-ups, 3) manipulate men to have them at the tips of their fingers, and 4) are very self-conscious and distrusting towards relationships. All of these are about the bond between man and woman. Why are none of them, "How To Build Self-Confidence and Achieve Success in Your Career?"

Keep in mind, I found this on a feminist poetry website. Shouldn’t this webpage be completely devoid of stereotypes and generalities? Are the only locations without these things the vacuum of space and the deep trenches of the sea?

Someone, please, tell me 1-4 are false and stupid so I can again respect women, men, advertisers, and the human race.


  1. I do not know the legistics of how these advertisements work, but i do believe they have to do with key words on the page (or something like that). It honestly is quite ridiculous that these ads would pop up on a feminist poetry website, none the less i do have to say that it shames me to see these and i hope, as i'm sure you do too, that no woman in their right mind would buy into these ads (in particular number 1).

  2. As dumb as these adds seem, and while they go against the feminist ideals, I can definitely see the advertisers purpose for putting them here. I think they are feeding into a common stereotype: feminists are feminists because they can't find a man. Therefore, they assume these adds are best targeted towards the single, lonely woman they believe to be googling "feminist poetry."

  3. I think these advertisements appear on the feminist poetry site because advertisers know that mostly women will be looking at this site. If you look at any of the most popular women's magazines today then you will see that how to make a man fall for you or is your man cheating are common topics found within their pages. This supports the fact that their are many women out there that would be very interested in these topics being advertised. The question to ask is would feminist women find these topic appealing? In my opinion, probably not but apparently advertisers think otherwise.

  4. As hilarious as some of these ads are, there's no doubt that I have seen ads of the like online. The prevalence of these ads only goes to show that they're working and women out there actually are pressing these ads. It's so sad! As for why it's on a feminist poetry site, I have absolutely no idea. Manipulating men to make them stay with you and finding men to solve your financial needs is everything feminists stand against. The ads might be generated randomly or as Inez says by keyword. All I know is that I definitely did not go searching for these kinds of ads but they still show up sometimes!


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