Friday, March 9, 2012

Cartoon Network’s DC Nation New Crew of Superheroines

While searching the net for superheroine topics, I came across an article from about an exciting new addition to Cartoon Networks DC Nation television series. This new program is called Super Best Friends Forever and stars a team of three superheroines, which are Batgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Girl. The creator of this series, Lauren Faust, is experienced writing about female superheroes being that she previously wrote for the Powerpuff Girls. Her goal is to create a strong team in bring these three characters together but at the same time making the show cute and fun for young girls to enjoy.

In designing the characters for Super Best Friends Forever, Faust wanted to expand upon the current characterizations of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman and make the show a much lighter version of these comics. Batgirl is a huge fan of Batman and aspires to take on crime in his fashion. Supergirl shares the same powers as Superman but has anger issues. Wonder Girl is a trained warrior like Wonder Woman; however, she is a bit clueless at times. This team of superfriends resembles the familiar group of comic book characters but the child humor and silliness are greatly amplified.      

I think this is fantastic addition to the DC Nation program and hopefully will increase the number of young girls following comic books. It will be interesting to find out the success rate of this short series. Faust seems very enthusiastic about writing for the show and has many adventure ideas for the superheroine team. The continuation of the show depends upon its popularity in comparison to the current superhero shows of the DC Nation. What does everyone think of Super Best Friends Forever? Is it a cute idea or an embarrassment of superheroines?  


  1. I think that this new series is a very cute idea. I know that if I were a young girl, I would be much more likely to watch this than see a superhero movie or read a comic book. Putting these superheroines in this context helps to expand the target audience and make superheroes more relatable to more people. This could lead to girls wanting to learn more about superheroes and branching into the world of comic books.

    I also think the costumes here bring up how we cannot assume that tight costumes are sexy. Here, these characters are wearing the same types of outfits as older superheroines, but to me they seem more innocent and playful. I do not know if this is how it appears to others, but I think it shows that we cannot make generalizations about superheroine costumes.

  2. I also think that this show is a good idea. However, couldn't they have thought of a better name than " Super Best Friends Forever?" Sure, it's a show aimed towards young girls, but I think that the name is pretty stupid. They should have thought of something that had more strength in it. Young girls will be watching this show and hopefully aspiring to be stronger human beings. I'm glad that they will have versions of Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Girl to watch on TV and look up to, but I think that the title kind of moves away from the point of the show.


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