Saturday, February 12, 2011

"oh god I hope Im at the front"

Violence in todays movies has gotten stale. New movies make their way to theaters yet its always the same old thing. Occasionally we get an innovative horror movie that opens new doors for the genre, but for the most part all we get are repackaged stories. One way for these new movies to separate themselves from the norm is to go for shock value. Do something that has not been thought of that will scare the shit out of the audience. The Ring was able to do that and so have a couple other movies in the past decade. One that tried but I think missed the mark would have to be The Human Centipede.

The major premise of this movie is that two women get lost while traveling in Europe and their car breaks down. They arrive at a strange house looking for help and encounter a twisted surgeon who drugs them and ultimately uses them to make a human centipede.

This movie is all about doing something totally messed up that catches peoples attention. Im thinking someone thought of connecting three people ass to mouth and then decided to build a movie around that one concept. I mean, what else does this movie offer besides the scenes where all three of the “patients” are finally.....together.

I think a viewing of the trailer is necessary to get a good grasp of this movie and how it centers on that one scene where the human centipede is finally unveiled. What I really want to know is what else does this movie offer besides some shock value that the whole movie is building towards, because to me, this movie really brings nothing to the table.


  1. Trey, have you actually watched the movie? If not, I don't think it would be fair to write a review based on the trailer rather than the movie itself. I know the trailer is RIDICULOUS and when I first watched the trailer, I thought this was a satirical parody of horror movies. Little did I know that "The Human Centipede" is actually pretty freaking creepy.

    The acting is b-grade at best, but the plot... wow it is just disgusting. The premise of the movie just from the beginning makes the movie seem like a joke, but I guarantee you that after you watch it, you'll leave pretty satisfied.

  2. I have heard alot about this movie. Mostly that it scars viewers with its unthinkable creation of this sick human centipede. Therefore, I'll pass on watching it. I do agree though that Hollywood has hopelessly tried to make new horror movies only to fall flat on their face. Recently there seems to be a push in ghost stories such as the movie Paranormal Activity or the TV series Ghost Adventures. These productions still focus on the unexpected surprise attacks yet their biggest selling point is transforming fiction into reality. Sometimes the movie is based on a "true" story and other times they attempt to make it Blair Witch style in order to make the scenes appear more authentic. This strategy seems to work well on my friends but personally, its still fiction in my head.


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