Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Coup Album Cover

I couldn't figure out how to embed this image, but above is a link to a picture of The Coup's "Party Music" album cover. Although this image predated the September 11th attacks, it is still eerie nonetheless. The Coup, an Oakland rap duo, designed this image themselves months before September of 2011. The coincidence is simply remarkable. Is this a group of prophets and psychics? No, rather The Coup is simply using this violent image to draw attention to their new album. No worries, once the actual attacks occurred, The Coup's PR team announced the album cover would be changed. It's good to see that this band recognized that a change must be made. This album cover simply would outrage everyone in the U.S.A. Anyways, I just thought it was a really interesting coincidence that some band designed an album cover of the Twin Towers exploding. What do you guys think, sheer coincidence or prophetic messiahs?



    The 1994 Sega Genesis title "Urban Strike" featured a level where the World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists in 2001.

    Neo's passport in "The Matrix" shows an expiration date of September 11, 2001. Pretty freaky stuff, man.

  2. Oh man, I loved those "Strike" games. I remember flying around, not knowing what to do, and just blowing everything up in "Desert Strike" when I was a kid.

    I watched some documentary about the world trade center on the history channel a while back. They had an interview with a civil engineer after the 1993 bombing and he was explaining how structurally sound the buildings were. He said that they could withstand an impact from a 747, possibly even multiple planes. Simple engineer, or prophetic mystery man?


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