Friday, February 25, 2011

Girl Power! (no offense)

The above link is the trailer for The Descent, a movie that most of you have probably heard of and possibly seen. Besides being pretty violent this movie serves another point for class discussion. In Kill Bill, the cast is heavily female with most of the violence in the movie also committed disproportionately by the female sex. With that having been said I wanted to further explore the dynamic of sex and violence as it deals with the female gender. In both movies many scenes are hypersexualized although graphically violent situations are simultaneous taking place.
The heavy breathing/panting done during both sexual activities and the mad dash to save one's life play on the senses to have a sort of synesthetic effect on the audience; blurring the line between sexuality and violence.

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  1. I like the cave setting. They always seem to be associated with being trapped, killing, hiding, etc. The first cave story I remember was in Tom Sawyer, then news stories about people exploring caves and dying. I think they are appealing because they're a natural place to hide things (bodies) so they attract the unsavory.


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