Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Made in America

Crips and Bloods: Made in America is a great documentary about the rise of gang violence in Los Angeles. I saw this on hulu a little while back and it was really thought provoking. It's very interesting to see how the Watts riots in the 60's actually helped create an environment where gangs could be born and thrive. The city was divided into white and black neighborhoods, which it still is for the most part, but then it became even more divided when the rival gangs came to power. People essentially turn to violence because of their territorial tendencies related to their gang affiliation. Seeing this issue come to light in a well produced documentary actually makes the problem seem as real as it is. As Tupac mentioned, everyone seems to brush the issue aside as if it is not even a real problem. People tend to think that we can just quarantine the gang members in the ghetto. The issue is that the gang mentality is spreading very quickly. Try to watch this documentary if you have the time. It has an awesome soundtrack as well


  1. It's also interesting because lots of times we focus on racial violence, whites vs blacks, things like that. However, gang violence is limited to usually among minorities. This is probably a result of the competition between themselves for the limited space they are given because gangs are pushed into the intercity by rich upperclass who live out in the suburbs.

  2. Gang Violence is a massive problem is the U.S. and all over the world people band together in clan-like armies to fight over territories. However, this is (as the man said in the introduction) 'an epidemic'. People are born into this cycle and are never able to become liberated. And who is to blame- no one but the entire society at large. Looks like an interesting film and it's interesting to note the music playing in this introduction ('Amazing Grace' an emblematic part of African American culture).

  3. Great post! Coming from an urban area the issue of gangs is largely ignored. The NYPD only goes after the drugs and not after the countless batteries and assaults committed on pedestrians. The gang usually terrorizes the youth of the neighborhood who don't seem interested in their way of life.The gang also stymies the growth of a neighborhood in countless other ways. Thankfully I was never the victim of such violence but I have known and know of many who have been. The gang phenomenon however is brewed within the places it terrorizes; the ghetto.
    Gang life is a product of ghetto existence just like the poster said. The existence of gang culture and life is born of out of the cultural frictions between inner-city areas that are largely overlook for the parts of the city less populated with minorities.

  4. History Channel has a series called Gangland which was recently recommended to me. Haven't had a chance to see it yet, but looks interesting:

  5. I actually just watched this documentary a couple weeks ago in order to talk about tupac and i found it very informative as to how the bloods and crips started and the history behind the gangs. Seeing how these gang members have to try and survive every day on the streets gives you some insight into why they have to be so violent.
    Also, Gangland is a really good show, i highly recommend it


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